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How to Get More Readers with the Send to Kindle Plugin

Many of us are always looking for new ways to get our website content out there where people want to read it.

Not too long ago, this meant using tools like RSS to send your latest posts directly to your visitor’s email inbox or your favorite RSS reader like Google reader, […]

How to Organize your Blog Post Ideas in WordPress

Blog Post Chaos!
I don’t know about you, but it seems like all of my best ideas come to me when I’m not at the computer — and those of you who have been around me long enough know that I don’t get that many good ideas, so I really hate […]

How to Find Related Posts in WordPress

Everyone wants more traffic to their website
I mean who wants to spend all that time setting up their site and writing new posts week after week if nobody outside of your family ever seems to notice.

Okay, so how do we do this?

Well there are often a lot of factors involved, […]

How to Create Short Links in WordPress

What’s the best way to make short links for Twitter?
It seems like short links have been around for quite awhile now and in the past I’ve used free link shortening services such as StumbleUpon’s and   I kept getting frustrated, however, because not only was I sending all […]

Is Your Website Directory Exposed?

 “WTF?!  So anyone can see this?!”
I believe these were my exact words when I first realized that every file that I had ever uploaded to my WordPress website was just sitting there all nicely organized and completely unprotected.

Back then I had just recently switched to using WordPress and was floored […]

Protecting your Privacy Online

Are you following me?!
It will probably come as no surprise that more and more companies are keeping track of exactly where you go and what you do online.

You  may have had the strange experience of clicking on a particular shirt or pair of shoes online only to later have ads […]

Creating a Custom QR Code

Chances are you’ve seen these boxes filled with squares, dots, and weird-looking squiggly lines plastered on everything from real estate signs to beer cans lately. QR codes have been used throughout Asia and Europe for several years, but are just now catching on here in the United States.

1 out of 2 […]

Finding website fonts that don’t suck!


Everyone wants a cooler font for their WordPress website, but most of us don’t really understand how it all works so we end up sticking with our boring san-serif wannabe font and then live out the rest of our days in font envy — but suffer no more!

Watch the video […]

Adding a Copyright to your Website

Adding a copyright notice to your WordPress website seems pretty basic, that is unless your current theme doesn’t provide you with the option to add it.

Luckily adding a simple text copyright notice to the footer of your website is fairly easy as long as you follow a few simple steps […]

Keep your Readers Reading

Once you manage to get people to visit your WordPress website for the first time, you still have to find a way to keep them there reading your awesome content.

One of the best ways to do this is by providing them with links to other relevant content on your site […]

How to Watermark your Images for Free

One of the questions that I always get asked is how do I protect my images online? In fact over on Skinny Artist we did series of articles that talked about several different ways to protect your images and how to keep people from stealing your stuff.

Watermarking your images is one […]

How to easily create a poll on your WordPress website

Getting people to interact with you on your website is a great way to build a lasting relationship with your readers and creating a website poll is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get that interaction started.

It used to be that creating a poll on your website required […]

What the #$@! is Hotlinking (and why should I care)?

Despite what I used to think, hotlinking has nothing at all to do with linking to a porn site.

Hotlinking is one of those words that you might have heard about but you’re not really sure what it means but everyone else seems to know so you never end up asking […]

How to Find and Fix Broken Links on your Website

Having a bunch of broken links on your website is not only frustrating for your visitors, but it can also make you look like you don’t know what you’re doing.

We all know that links to other websites change all the time, but unless you want to go back through each […]

Adding a Google +1 button to your WordPress website

It is estimated that 90% of the social sharing now goes through Twitter and Facebook.  Google +1 is the new kid on the block, and even though nobody really knows what it will eventually turn out to be, we know that when the great Google speaks, it’s usually a good idea […]

Finding Awesome Website Icons

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the web, you know that sometimes it can seem like everyone is using the same exact set of tired boring icons.  Sure we all want cool icons that look like they were custom made for our website, but how many of us […]

Setting up a WordPress theme without looking like an idiot

How can you setup a new WordPress theme without people thinking that your website is broken?
Sometimes you want to completely change the look of your website, but at the same time, you don’t want to have to shut your site down for hours or days at a time in order […]